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Sri Lanka

"I am truly indebted to Mr. Oliver Jayasuriya and Mr. Thejana De Silva for their invaluable assistance during my jurisprudence module. Their profound insights not only enriched my academic journey but also provided me with practical wisdom for everyday life. Engaging in thought-provoking debates under their guidance unveiled a new realm of intellectual exploration, reshaping my perspectives. With Mr. Oliver's exceptional teachings and Mr. Thejana's unwavering and dedicated tutorial support, I achieved a lofty score of 66. I am humbled to be both a student to them and to be a mentee. I wholeheartedly recommend these two remarkable individuals, whose expertise and dedication are truly commendable."

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Sri Lanka

"I am truly delighted to express my deepest gratitude to two exceptional educators, Sir Oliver and Sir Thejana, for their unwavering support, dedication, and guidance that played an instrumental role in my academic success. Their commitment to my learning journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and I owe my achievement of a 72 in Jurisprudence to their remarkable mentorship.

Despite the challenges posed by late-night submissions and the pressure of impending exams, they went above and beyond by meticulously reviewing each of my answers. They demonstrated remarkable patience, ensuring that every concern I had was thoroughly addressed.

The knowledge and expertise that Sir Oliver and Sir Thejana possess are truly remarkable. They didn't just teach concepts, they ignited a genuine interest in the subject matter. Their explanations were clear, concise, and tailored to my learning style, making the intricate aspects of Jurisprudence comprehensible. This was instrumental in boosting my self-assurance to sit for the exam, even when I initially doubted, I had sufficient time to prepare.

I am incredibly grateful to Sir Oliver and Sir Thejana for their exceptional contributions to my academic journey. Their relentless dedication, insightful guidance, and unshakeable belief in my abilities have been invaluable. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for their role in helping me achieve a 72 in Jurisprudence. They have not only imparted knowledge but have also enriched my learning experience in ways that words can scarcely capture. I am privileged to have had them as my teachers, and their impact will undoubtedly stay with me throughout my academic and personal pursuits."


Sri Lanka

"Miss Mariyam is a very passionate teacher who also knows how to cater to any student’s needs and I believe, that is the expectation of any student when they attend a class. She’s very understanding and loving and that too makes you feel more comfortable studying with her.


During these trying times with the pandemic and the crisis in our country,she never gave up on us! It was a huge relief knowing that we could always count on her. I’m truly grateful for every single thing she has done for me and for pushing me to do my level best, always boosting my confidence even when I failed to believe in myself and I’m very thankful for that! She’s an amazing teacher and I would recommend her to any student who is sitting for Intellectual Property Law in their 3rd year."

Testimonials: Video


Sri Lanka

"I had the privilege of being taught Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by Oliver sir, and I must say that his expertise, dedication, and teaching skills was second to none, and was essential in my success for the module. Thanks to Oliver sir’s deep knowledge of the subject and his excellent teaching skills, I was able to grasp complex legal concepts and theories that I would have otherwise struggled with if I had approached the area alone.

He was committed towards providing individual attention to each and every student, and he looked into all of our doubts and clarified them seamlessly. He encouraged us to ask questions without any fear, and he built a good long-lasting relationship amongst all of us. Even outside the sessions, he clarified all my doubts, and provided excellent feedback on my answers, by going to the extent of reading them word to word.

His explanations, techniques, answer structures and notes were exceptional, making it easy for one to understand even the most difficult concepts in the subject. Thanks to his guidance, I achieved a distinction in my Jurisprudence examination, scoring 76 marks, and was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the module from the University of London, by being amongst the top 3 scorers worldwide in the University of London LL.B program in 2022 – which went a long way in helping me secure a First Class Honors for my LL.B. This achievement is a testament to Oliver sir’s dedication, patience, and expertise as a Jurisprudence lecturer.

I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to excel in Jurisprudence and Legal Theory for the University of London LL.B program. His commitment to helping students reach their full potential is unmatched, and I am confident that any student who studies under him will find his guidance invaluable."


Sri Lanka

"Miss Ra’na has been one of the most helpful and friendly lecturers I’ve had the privilege of learning from at ICLS. Being a final year student has its own challenges, however, she has always made us feel comfortable in class and made sure we understood the subject matter, and while doing so successfully completed the syllabus with ample time to go through many past exam questions before the big day!

Miss Ra’na’s teaching paved the way for a better understanding of the academic curriculum of company law and also motivated me to study this module with great enthusiasm. I thank miss Ra’na for her efforts and I wish her the very best for her journey forward."

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Sri Lanka

"I am delighted to share my experience with Miss Ra'na, a Company Law Lecturer who went above and beyond to help me succeed in my exams. She is an outstanding teacher, who possesses an incredible depth of knowledge and a passion for teaching. Her teaching style is engaging, insightful, and easy to comprehend, making it possible for me to understand even the most complex topics.

What truly sets Miss Ra'na apart is her benevolence and generosity. Thanks to her incredible dedication and support, I was able to excel in my Company Law exams. I owe all the credit for my success to her. She truly is an exceptional lecturer, and I am immensely grateful to have had the privilege of learning under her tutelage. I wholeheartedly recommend Miss Ra'na to anyone seeking to excel in Company Law, as she is a truly outstanding lecturer and a remarkable human being."


Sri Lanka

"I’m truly grateful to Ms. Mariyam, under whom I had the privilege to study Intellectual Property, for her commitment and passion for her students. Her explanations on subject matters and her extensive set of notes helped me immensely to elucidate all the complex areas under Intellectual Property. Ms. Mariyam's discussions on past paper questions supported us to get a good understanding of how our answers should be developed and structured for the exam. 

Lastly I’m thankful to Ms. Mariyam for her dedication in moulding and helping us to achieve good grades."



Sri Lanka

"I would like to express my gratitude to miss punardhi for all the assistance and guidance she provided over the short period of teaching conflicts of law. I started classes with her in April 2022. Her exam focused teaching style and comprehensive notes were helpful when it came to answering questions. She did many questions to ensure that we have confidence to answer questions. Additionally, she conducted a few sessions to clarify any doubts close to exams which was really beneficial. I am very thankful to miss and ICLS for assisting me in achieving this result."


Sri Lanka

"Ms.Ra’na Farouk is an amazing teacher. Her passion and knowledge on the subject, grew my interest in Criminal Law and encouraged me to work hard. Ms. Farouk’s lectures are well planned with comprehensive and easy to understand notes. During lectures she takes time to explain in length and questions are always welcome. She completes the syllabus in order and ahead of time so we could attempt many past paper questions as the chapters finish. This gave ample time to study. She went those extra miles to guide and improve my answers so I’d be well prepared for the exam.
She’s a kind, friendly and encouraging teacher. I’m grateful to Ms. Farouk for the immense guidance given and I highly recommend her lectures on Criminal Law."


Sri Lanka

"I am so thankful to Ms Punardhi for her constant support and guidance throughout for Conflict of Laws. I was thoroughly confused with the structuring of essays and problem questions. For which she provided structured guidelines and advice on how to better address and engage with the questions. Tackling questions became so much easier with her help! It also should be mentioned that her thorough review of almost ten years of past papers with us definitely helped sharpen our problem spotting skills and area recognition especially when it came to tricky areas. She is easy to communicate with and makes sure that we are well prepared to successfully face the exams, mentally and knowledge-wise! She is honestly one of the most humble and attentive teachers I've met throughout my LLB journey. Thank you miss for your continuous support and guidance, which made it so much easier to achieve a score of 65 for Conflict of Laws. Would not have been able to achieve this without your support and kind guidance!"


"ICLS has been a great experience for me. As a final year student who was panicking and trying to cope mentally during the pandemic, I found it hard to concentrate and prepare for my Jurisprudence Exam. I reached out to Oliver who was able to provide me lessons on short notice. He was very flexible to work with my schedule as I live in Canada and most of all encouraged me when I doubted myself. Needless to say, it was all worth it. I passed my jurisprudence exam and without a doubt Oliver and the ICLS team had a huge part to play. I highly recommended their services for anyone who needs assistance with their law studies."


Sri Lanka

"I attended contract Law classes with Ms. Mariyam in my 1st year. I joined closer upon the exam dates but she took me in and guided me. I was not that confident in the subject but her notes were very comprehensive and in addition, her explanations of the subject matter were really helpful. I would like to thank Miss Mariyam for helping me to get through the exam."

Sri Lanka

"I studied Jurisprudence under Mr. Oliver Jayasuriya at ICLS. From the very beginning, sir made sure that everyone could attend classes by providing the options of both online and in person sessions for each class, during the pandemic. Further, sir has a very comprehensive set of notes and he adopts unique ways  to ensure that every single student grasps the lessons depending on the various levels of understanding. His past paper discussion classes are extremely productive as we not only write model answers but discuss extra material and work on preparing a well structured exam answer. Mr. Oliver is not only an amazing teacher but also a very humble person who would support students going out of his way in whatever capacity he can. I am fortunate and most grateful to have studied under the guidance of Mr. Oliver and for the mark of 67 that I received as a result of his support and dedicated teaching. Without a doubt, I recommend Oliver sir for any student studying Jurisprudence."

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Inan - Testimonial.jpg

Sri Lanka

"Jurisprudence is a very complex module. I think the reason for my distinction could be attributed to the way how Oliver Sir broke down the elements of pure theory into relatable and practical aspects. Despite the power cuts and unstable crisis in the country, he was utterly dedicated to making us achieve. I think that motivated me to also play my part. Furthermore, he did a great job at helping curate answers that addressed the questions asked. We were able to discuss our different povs regarding the theories and he helped us further or understand where we went wrong. Ultimately it became a very rich experience, hence the reason for my 75 in Jurisprudence for the May/June 2022 exam session. Truly grateful for all the dedication that Oliver Sir did to help me achieve my distinction."



"Oliver Jayasuriya is such a wonderful and knowledgeable tutor. He supported me in comprehending challenging Jurisprudence concepts by giving relatable real-life examples and explaining topics very patiently.

Oliver is very committed to his students, and as he was teaching so passionately, I became very interested in the subjects. He provided additional resources that were very helpful, and the discussion of past exam questions was beneficial as he made good suggestions on how essay answers should be structured. His sessions were very well-organised and he communicated effectively.

I would highly recommend him as a tutor as the quality of his teaching is simply outstanding."

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"Nishaath is a very friendly, smart and helpful tutor from the ICLS team. As an independent student of the University of London, it is difficult at times to relate to some of the information in the modules without clarification. For me, Equity was one course that I found most difficult to absorb but Nishaath’s explanation and input in this module made it easier to understand and she definitely made it more relatable.


She tries to engage her students during her discussions to ensure you understand the topics and she goes above and beyond to ensure to provide you with real life examples. She also gives additional resources to provide adequate material for you to be successful in the exam. Nishaath encourages her students to believe in their abilities and she makes herself available to discuss anything you might be having difficulties with in the course.


I have no reservation in recommending her as a good tutor for the Equity course."

Sri Lanka

"I attended Property Law classes with Ms. Raidha for 2nd year. It was at the very last minute but she took me in and guided me. Her notes were very comprehensive and in addition her explanations of the subject matter were really helpful. Miss was very kind and very kind and repeated herself a million times so that the subject matter was more or less engraved on our brains. She dedicated so much time for us to go through each lesson and revise, even gave us a mock exam and marked it so that the first time we wrote the paper wouldn't be for the exam! Overall, she's one of the greatest teachers I've ever had because she took a subject like Property and made it really interesting!"

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Testimonial- Talal


Sri Lanka

"I would like to thank Ms. Nethni for her part played in me achieving a first class grade for Public International Law. She was pro active not only in describing complex and compound PIL concepts but also providing in-depth feedback for answers submitted, may it be 2pm or 2am."


Sri Lanka

"First and foremost, I am grateful to Miss Raidha for the competent manner in which she guided me and all her other students to face their exams. It gives me immense pleasure to write about my experience of learning Property Law from Miss Raidha. She is a very passionate teacher. She was able to help us ready ourselves for our exam within a period of less than 3 weeks. She never failed to help us sort out our problems, no matter the time of day. I’m really thankful for the service she has done for us and I’m much obliged to her for doing a wonderful job of teaching me and my colleagues. I wish Miss Raidha all the very best!"

Testimonial - Pamudu
Testimonial- Talal


Sri Lanka

"I am a Level 5 LLB student who studied Property Law with Miss Raidha. I joined her class about 3 weeks before the exam, fairly unprepared to tackle the subject, but Miss Raidha did a great job. She put in maximum effort, managing to cover over 5 topics within that period. I’d recommend Miss Raidha to anyone planning on studying Property Law because she’s hardworking and one of the best. I am thankful for everything she did to help us to achieve our potential."


Sri Lanka 

"I believe a good teacher can change everything, that being said I attended.

Ms. Mariyam’s classes for Intellectual Property, not having a single idea of what the subject was. She was one of the very few teachers I’ve come across that identifies each and every student individually and makes sure that they understand what is taught in class. Her enthusiasm and the knowledge of each student made it very easy for us to stay focused in class at all times and have a thorough understanding of what was taught in class."



Saint Lucia 

"Lecturers at the ICLS are very patient and engaging; students can easily converse with them and ask for feedback at any point in time and always receive advice that is helpful to us in understanding the module. Mr Oliver, for example, never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to his students and treats us all equally. His enthusiasm has rubbed off on his students, and students become more attentive and active in class."


Sri Lanka 

"Following the completion of my 2nd-year exams in May/June 2021, I found out that there was an opportunity to register for an additional module for the October session, so I decided to register for Jurisprudence and Legal theory. This meant that I had only 3 months to cover a years' worth of a syllabus, and it was around that time that I got to know about Oliver sir. Despite my doubts as to whether I could even pass the exam; Oliver sir had faith in me and his efforts ultimately proved my doubts wrong. His commitment to paying individual attention to each and every student was second to none, and he looked into all of our doubts and clarified them seamlessly. He encouraged us to ask questions without any fear, and he built a good long-lasting relationship amongst all of us. It would be an understatement to term his explanations, techniques, and notes anything short of amazing. All of these great elements including question practice, coupled with his amazing personality ultimately proved to have a remarkable impact on my result for Jurisprudence, and in just a matter of less than 3 months, I was able to score a distinction for Juris. I’m very grateful to Oliver sir for helping me achieve this result and would highly recommend him to every Juris student!"

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Sri Lanka 

"Company law would have been impossible if not for Miss Ra’na. She never fails to make lessons engaging and useful while going the extra mile to explain every aspect of the lessons in immense detail and even provides sources for further reading. She is extremely attentive and gives appropriate and constructive feedback whenever necessary.


Miss Ra’na is approachable, easy to converse with, and very passionate about what she teaches. Her sincerity in teaching sparks passion in us to do our best. Mostly, she is kind, nurturing and always lends a helping hand. I am eternally grateful for all that Miss Ra’na has done for me."



"I discovered the ICLS days before my exams because I attended an online session gratis with Oliver. I was blown away by his presentation and contacted him immediately after. Although he was extremely busy and he did not know me, he and his amazing team provided last minute revision to fill the gaps in knowledge. I sat my exams with confidence thanks to them. If you want affordable, knowledgeable, patient, supportive, student-centred tutors with comprehensive notes, contact the ICLS."


Sri Lanka


"I’m thankful to Miss Raidha for teaching and supporting me! Her efforts in every class were beyond satisfactory and she was persistent in encouraging me to strive for excellence in my studies. Miss Raidha's dedication to each of us and her patience in clarifying each and every one of our problems was remarkable. She is able to explain the material very clearly and this allowed me to find so much more depth in my work. She is driven with such a passion and love for what she does that she inspired me greatly. She’s very helpful and friendly. Anyone can easily converse with her and ask her for useful feedback at any point of time and they will always receive advice that is helpful; even when I asked for advice via WhatsApp, I always received feedback. She is truly an excellent lecturer."

Sri Lanka

"I’m a final year LLB student from the University of London.  When I first started classes at ICLS with Miss Nethni for Public International Law (PIL), it was just a few weeks away from the exam, and even though I had read the subject guide, I was not familiar with the subject and never thought that I would be able to make it through because it was just a few weeks away from the exams. However, with Miss Nethni’s help, I did my exam very well and was able to get a merit for the subject. Even though it was only a few classes, ICLS really helped me to secure my grade in the subject. 

I am really glad to share my experience with all of you on my LLB journey."

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Sri Lanka

"Miss Nethni is an excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. She never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to her students and treats us all equally. Her enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on her students and students become more attentive and active in class. She always strives to help her students even over the weekends! She encourages us to try our best and makes us comfortable to ask any queries we have! She is a lecturer who is passionate about teaching and I really do appreciate her for everything…! All in all, she is a really great lecturer,  who shows passion for her job and cares for her students."

Sri Lanka

Studying for the Bar Exam in Canada


”Oliver includes examples that a modern-day student can benefit from.”

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