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  • Soraya Gunasekara

4 Tips and Tricks for Studying Company Law

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Company law is a very bulky subject that requires you to have knowledge of all the chapters in your syllabus as questions are known to be based on many chapters combined. Here are a few tips and tricks to make studying Company Law easier, more effective, and enjoyable!

Read Your Notes and Textbooks Thoroughly and Summarise Them

It is important to thoroughly read through both your lecturer’s notes and the recommended textbook to gain a full understanding of the relevant chapters in your syllabus.

Thereafter, making short notes or mind maps are an effective method of studying as summarising the entire chapter, highlighting the most important points makes it easier to comprehend.

Study hack: Use different colours to highlight case names, statutory provisions and names of key figures/judges as it makes it easy to differentiate from the rest of your note and draws your attention to it when you study.

Paraphrase the Statutes

This subject contains many statutory provisions which can be found in your statute book. Reading through and highlighting the key provisions will assist you in remembering them. Note, that memorising statutes word to word will not be beneficial to you as it does not get you extra marks. Instead, paraphrase the statutes according to your own understanding of it.

There is an abundance of case law which maintains importance in Company Law. However, there are certain authoritative cases which must be cited when answering questions. Therefore, it is important to not only know the facts of the case but to understand the judgement arrived at.

Study hack: Certain questions may contain similar/identical facts to the case law in your syllabus. Therefore, having a knowledge of case facts will allow you to draw analogies to and cite such relevant cases, setting your answer apart from others.

Structure Your Essay Clearly

When it comes to writing essays, it is crucial that you set your essay apart from a generic essay. Structuring your essay clearly is important as it gives your essay a good flow. To add more edge to your answer, further reading can be done from both the recommended textbook, subject guide, and other sources.

Study hack: The University of London online library has a great selection of various sources from which you can obtain further reading.

Answer Past Paper Questions


Writing as many full-blown answers as possible under timed conditions is beneficial especially if you are restricted to a word limit as it helps you gain an understanding of what is most relevant to the given question. The more past papers you do, the more accustomed you get to the different variations in which questions can come, specifically in problem questions which can include different chapters combined into one question.

Study hack: Once you are more familiar with your syllabus, to make revising easier and less time consuming, do detailed structures of past paper questions instead of full blown answers.

Hope this article helps you in your efforts to study Company Law. If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to contact ICLS!


The writer Soraya Gunasekara (Bachelor of Laws (LLB) - Second Class Honours (Upper Division)) is a former student of ICLS.

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